Donations & Volunteering

Contributing to the Tool Library

Thank you for considering donating to the Toronto Tool Library! There are several ways to make a meaningful donation that will help us enable the sharing economy.

1. Cash donations - the Toronto Tool Library operates in one of the more expensive cities in the world, your cash donation helps us cover expenses, and keep tools in good running order for the entire community.

2. Tool donations - many of the items shared with the community have come in the form of donations. If you have good, functional tools you would like to see shared by the community at the Toronto Tool Library, please submit a photo of the tools to the email address "". We will check the inventory, and let you know if we will be able to put the items into circulation.


Are you a member of the Toronto Tool Library that would like to get involved with helping the organization thrive? The Toronto Tool Library hosts a weekly volunteer night for members that want to pitch in, have some fun, and meet other members of the TTL community. Conducted in the TTL Makerspace, at volunteer night members help with vital tasks like checking inventory, stocking up tools, doing maintenance and updating our website. We work together for a few hours, then get to hang out, work on projects, have snacks and enjoy the TTLMakerspace - it's great!

Volunteer night happens Wednesdays, starting at 3pm. Three hours of volunteering are required, after which we are all free to use the TTLMakerspace. Sometimes we work on community projects together, but you're also free to do your own thing - just remember that use of the larger tools still requires that you have done the certification program.

How Volunteering Works

Take a look inside the Toronto Tool Library to see how members volunteer to help with critical tasks.