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Our Members Build, Design, and Repair

Take a look at some of the fantastic self-starters in the Tool Library community. Learn about their projects and find out what tools they use and recommend - they are all available for you with your membership to the Toronto Tool Library.


Custom Pens and Woodworking

James has a wide array of interests from programming AI to traditional woodworking. He is an instructor in the pen-turning workshop at TTLMakerspace, and a regular at TTL events.


Medical student, protective gear

Kate is a medical student who uses her passion for design to create everything from gifts to personal protective equipment. Recently helped organize C19 assistance with a Maker group.


Industrial design and fabrication

 Favorite Tool Borrows:

Marc is a graduate of OCAD and an industrial designer of more than 20 years experience. He had done everything from toy design, to interior spaces, to mechanical parts.