The Toronto Tool Library Custom Services

The Toronto Tool Library offers custom cuts on a simple donation basis. Got an awkward cut, or simply would prefer to bring your material to the library? The Toronto Tool Library can help, matching your project with a Maker from the Tool Library. For members, a voluntary donation is accepted (suggested at $40/hour).

For non-members, a minimum half-hour $20 charge applies.

We typically do custom cuts between Thursday and Sunday, during open hours. Give us a call ahead of time during open hours to set up an appointment for your custom cut, at 647-715-4767, or email us at ""

How Custom Cuts Work

Follow Jen into the shop to see how Custom Cuts are done, and how you can get help with your project.

For Larger Jobs...

A CNC mill provides a solution for surfacing large sized wood slabs, used in incredible desktops, bartops, and anywhere the beauty of wood is enjoyed. For custom design, CNC work, and 3D prints, head over to the shop!